Where did the poker term the nuts come from

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This is a discussion on "The Nuts".. what exactly does it mean? within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; On another forum (not poker related) they are arguing about the ...

Where did the poker term 'draw' originate? - Quora Poker. Etymology. Where did the poker term "draw" originate? Update Cancel. a d b y q u i p. What makes a great electric toothbrush? The features mouths actually need ... Nuts straight - poker term definition | Poker dictionary Nuts straight in poker the best of all possible straights on a specific board structure. For example, on a board the best possible straight will be a straight from 6 to 10 (i.e., if any of the players will have a hand). Straight from 5 to 9 will be considered second nuts (i.e., if any of the players will have a hand). Nuts - Poker Terms Glossary | PokerStrategy.com Nuts The nuts or lock is the best possible hand in a situation. A player has the nuts if he has the best possible hand given all the cards dealt so far. The term is also used in the context of a particular hand catagory. The nut-flush or nut-straight would be the best possible flush or straight, respectively. Related Topics: Poker hands

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But, if you will not follow the rules, you will be just a fish in the poker world and no one will take you seriously. One of the best situations in this game is to have ‘nuts’ in poker. This term is basically used to indicate the best possible poker hand in a poker game. This is the unbeatable hand against which no other participants can win. Why Do We Call The Best Poker Hand Possible 'The Nuts?' It's one of the most famous sayings in poker, "I've got the Nuts!" Where does it come from? What are its origins? The term derives from the Wild West, saloon gambling, whisky, poker & horses.

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Where Do Lucky Buckeyes Come From? | Home Guides | SF Gate Lucky buckeyes, also known as horse chestnuts, come from either the Ohio buckeye tree (Aesculus glabra) or the horse chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum). The nut casings from both trees are ... Nut hand - Wikipedia In poker, the nut hand is the strongest possible hand in a given situation. The second-nut hand or third-nut hand (and so on) may refer to the second and third best possible hands. The term applies mostly to community card poker games where the ... Another seemingly fitting explanation is that the term was derived from the ... A Tough One to Crack: The Origin of “The Nuts” | PokerNews

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It should also be noted here that even after Poker got its name, it was also sometimes called “bluff”. Most Poker historians tend to lean towards the French “Poque” origin, in terms of where the game directly got its name, because Poker seems to have first popped up and spread from New Orleans in the very early 19th century.